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Chloé is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. During the next year of 1953 Aghion joined forces with Jacques Lenoir, formally managing the business side of the brand, allowing Aghion to purely pursue the creative growth of Chloé. Its headquarters are located in Paris, France.

Angela mentioned, "What happened to the original smell of Chloe? I used to wear it a long time ago then forgot about it until one day saw it in an advertisement and bought it. I was so disappointed. It smells completely different."


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Jelly James Russian says

"Awful customer service - non existent.
Boots - cost a fair amount, however, the heels peeled off after day 4!

Craig Brown says

"I have had such terrible service from the customer relations team, i have nowhere else to turn.
Long story short, i had been billed twice for a handbag i had bought for my wife and the pending transaction had left me over £1000 overdrawn and i had subsequently missed my direct debits and have been negatively scored on my credit there has been loads of implications to this."

Karen B says

"Item of clothing received. I’ve never seen such a badly made item of clothing and poor quality material. I complained to customer service providing photographic evidence of uneven seams, cheap bias binding edging which was puckered. I was brushed off with email responses which eventually just stopped.
Disgusting customer service, cheap and nasty material and poor workmanship.

Daniel cox says

"I would just like to say for a start, that I am applauded with the customer service of Chloe. All I wanted is to get a gift for my misses, for Christmas and to not make it so difficult I have been charged twice and have phoned up numerous of times to get money back for charging me twice I’ve sent an email pictures and still all I hear is the financial company hasn’t come back this is a difficult time for all of us and to take that amount of money out my account puts me in a difficult position all I’ve been is polite and considerate to the company and have brought many things in the past from you and have not had this issue. Now I’m questioning myself weather I would buy from you again!"

Teresa Proctor says

"This should be -1 star. I ordered in June and still haven't received the goods. They called themselves Chloevis but other names have been coming up such as Golden Sea Services Ltd. I ordered 4 summer dresses but a couple of days later I was scammed by another company so decided to play safe and cancel the order. Their terms said you could cancel before despatch and loose 15%. I emailed and asked if the goods had been despatched. I had an email saying dueto Covid they were delayed and please be patient! I email and said I wanted to cancel and have my money back. They just emailed back saying please be patient. 3rd email was in capitals "I want to cancel". No reply so passed to PayPal resolutions! After 2 1/2 months they came down on their side. Said they had proved I had received them in the post. How did they do this! So now I'm £86 down and no goods. So Angry!"

Cyro Musa says

"Unfortunately I couldn't give a zero star, worst crap ever it's a con I hope the con artist get what's there worth I ordered pants and I received crap that was falling apart in the wrong size and color, I never could get audience with anyone despite the numerous attempts. Very mad."

bill lauder says

"CHLOEYOYO --AVOID AT ALL COSTS. scammers, bought coat for wife, poorly finished and five sizes too small. all complaints I have read are same as mine ,no reply, wrong reply, eventually gave me return address-no post code, another 10 days ( after several letters from me) gave me postcode, now I can price return shipping £45! they only accept returns by UPS and DHL. coat cost £24 so It will going to charity shop, not back to China. Paypal claim? forget it, seller has offered full refund when I ship back so Paypal basically shrugging their shoulders and siding with the scammers! they must know people are not stupid enough to send the crap back at double the value of refund, so shame on you Paypal, you are enabling these con artists ( who have given a different postcode for return thru Paypal mail, that's two postcodes and about eight different e-mail addresses) it becomes obvious they want you to give up and go away.
you have no chance,
just please don't go there, wish someone had warned me"

MB says

"Do not order from this website!!
I , like others on here, ordered the windbreaker coat in large. It is nothing like the advert, poor quality, very badly finished and ripped in one of seams inside the sleeve.
I have managed to get in contact with them through email, they asked for photos which I have sent and today I have been offered £2 compensation !! That just says it all.
Can’t believe I have been misled and purchased this from clearly a very unprofessional, low standard site."

Gwen Page says

"Should be zero stars. Do not order from this site. I still haven’t had four of the five items I ordered after five months. The one dress that arrived I put straight in the bin as it’s a flimsy and nylon, that is way smaller than advertised. Someone answers emails, apologising, and saying the orders are being processed but they never arrive. I suspect the other nice looking Facebook clothes have similar back end supply your homework. Total scam!!"

J****ine says

"Definitely a scam!! I too got suckered in by the Facebook ads saying it was an artist going out of business because of Covid! The photos in the ad are of beautiful, high quality clothing. I felt like such a fool when I opened my package of very very cheap imitations. The fabric is so cheap, unhemmed, unfinished edges, much smaller than they should be. Please DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!"

Linda says

"I purchased a raincoat which was too small and not as described. I emailed asking for address to return the raincoat but so far no reply. Does anyone have an address or telephone number please? Thank you"

Noreen Feeley says

"Would give 0 stars if I could! Just received “oversized”hooded windbreaker coat on sale at £29.99. Do NOT buy!! Looks nothing like coat advertised - Quality very poor, arms too short, coat too small.
Buyer beware!!"

Carmen Gaboury says

"I ordered 4 dresses in May; just received them today (Sept.9) I ordered 2XL when I normally wear size 12 or 14; I can always take a dress in but cannot do anything with one too small. 2 are big enough; one is so small I cannot even put it on and the third is OK around hips but way too small around bust...I sent an e-mail to ask a refund or replacement...returned: unable to deliver!"

Alison Cordwell says

"Hi anybody who may be following my ongoing issue with CHLOEYOYO! I am now on my 34th email asking for return address and refund process for a coat I ordered that is so small I can not wear it. I am a 70 year old female size10/12, the coat is marked L. I cant even fasten the buttons. Plus is badly produced to boot!
I am also trying to get a refund for a coat that I ordered incorrectly ( the wrong colour ) which I cancelled within ten minutes, truly 10 minutes, and was told it was on its way and I cannot return it.
The customer "service" is appalling...please be aware BEFORE you order...but I am not giving up"

Dee Hovey says

"Never never again please don’t order it’s a scam!!!!!! Should be ashamed!!!!!!! I should of read reviews!!!!!!!!!"

Lucy says

"Do not buy from this company! When I received my order it was very poor quality & they will not allow you to return. AVOID!!"

Anna Vandy says

"Ordered a purple and grey owl tshirt but got sent a aqua "fear or faith" tshirt. They wont send me what I ordered and wont give me my money back.
They also say they are American and charge the US dollar but they are actually Chinese.
When I've emailed and complained which I'm up to about email number 30 they keep saying the only way I can have a refund is by posting it back at my cost which will take "a very long time" and it's my responsibility for it to arrive. They then keep saying I should pay for the tshirt and that theres wrong with it... which it has now turned to that I should still pay for the tshirt and that they could give me a $8 gift card but still not the tshirt I ordered and paid for!!!"

Val Fryer says

"An absolute scam. First e mail of complaint answered and delay blamed on Covid. Second e mail received by them, but remained unanswered. The latest e mail (sent today) was returned saying the domain no longer exists.
If you wish to avoid disappointment and large financial loss, stay well clear of this company and all of its offshoots. This behaviour should be stopped at the earliest opportunity by those who have the legal authority to do so."

M Garner says

This review is for Chloe Stark Boutique.
I always check reviews before I purchase anything, this time I didn't, how I wish I had!
I was pulled in by their claim of having to close their business due to Covid.
What I received today is cheaply made, poor quality, junk!
I was excited that my order finally arrived after being ordered two months ago. I had rather it been lost in the mail than to have to open the junk that I got today.
The online photos are items of high quality, what you receive is definitely not!

marie rosenquist says

"do not buy from this company, I bought something that came in wrong no way to get hold of them for return worst experience. I have tried never an answer"

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